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Round Eyeglasses

What’s old is new again. Fashion trends tend to come full circle, and round eyeglasses frames are making a major comeback.

This stylish frame shape lends a relaxed, retro vibe and would look great as either an everyday pair of eyeglasses or a pair of sunglasses for the weekend. Reminiscent of the styles worn by John Lennon and Andy Warhol, round glasses will leave you looking effortlessly cool.

What are the different styles of round glasses?

Round eyeglasses boast a curved, circular-shaped lens that is generally equal in width and height. On Clearly, you’ll find a wide variety of round frames from a diverse range of exclusive and designer brands, including Joseph Marc, Derek Cardigan and Ray-Ban.

If you’re looking for some subtle vintage flair, opt for some shimmering metal round glasses. If you’re looking for something that’s bold and quirky, you’ll love polished acetate options.

History of round eyeglasses

The founding father of eyewear. Love them or hate them, the round spectacle frame is historically rich.

Dating back as far as the late 12th century, the earliest versions of spectacles were made from two small magnifying glasses with the handles riveted together. Looking at the image further below, you can see the beginnings of this eternally popular mens glasses style.

Ever since round spectacles had become the archetypal glasses shape. This was due to the shape of primitive lenses found in early telescopes. Optical lenses were always round, so glasses frame were round.

If everything was bigger and bolder in the ‘80s, it all shrank when the ‘90s rolled around. Smaller, more minimalist glasses in round and oval shapes became the trend of the moment. Round shades were a hot commodity in the decade of grunge, boy bands, and AOL. Today, many icons still wear this popular style, large or small.

Today, contemporary eyewear fashion has seen yet another resurgence of this popular glasses shape in mens eyewear trends 2020 and even more so in mens eyewear trends 2021.

Fashion for men’s casual glasses never strays far from the classic round eye shape.

What Makes Round Glasses Suit Men?

Generally, men’s facial structures tend to be lean and angular. In the public eye, this typically masculine face shape is defined by a strong jawline and high cheekbones.

If you're lucky enough to have a face shape like this, you can join the array of celebrities who frequently adorn this timeless glasses style.

It’s these chiselled facial features and bony details that lend themselves perfectly to round glasses frames. These traditionally stylish men's designer glasses frames are a great option if you want to build an educated and refined aesthetic. Look for frames made from age-old materials such as tortoise or black acetate. These are never going out of fashion, ever.

Modernised versions of the round-eye in coloured acetates can be an interesting alternative. Vibrant acetates such as blue, yellow or green can inject modernity to this traditional glasses configuration.

If you have defined cheekbones and a strong jaw, round glasses frames are the ones for you. The softness of this traditional frame-style is going to completely contrast your facial structure to create balance. A truly timeless aesthetic.

Will round frames suit my face shape?

Due to their curved nature, round glasses will look best on faces with sharp, angular features. Round glasses are a sophisticated, polished look that works well with a square face shape. No matter what color you go for, this style works beautifully with a square face shape. The circular shape of round frames will help balance any sharp angles and prominent jawlines, making this style ideal for square, triangle and heart face shapes.

Square faces often have bold, angular features and cut a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Rounded and thinner frames that are slightly wider on the side will have a harmonious and natural look on square faces.

You will want frames that are proportional to the length and width of your face. Round and oval-shaped frames will soften the hard angles in a square shaped face and add balance. They also suit diamond-shaped faces.

This doesn’t mean faces with softer facial features can’t wear round frames, though. If you have a round face and like to make a stark statement with your fashion choices, you can dare to be bold with a pair of edgy round glasses as well.

When Did Round Glasses Become Popular

With increased functionality and a bold design, round-framed eyeglasses became popular in the 1920s. These glasses were heavy and sat close to the face, but they could be found in a variety of new materials, including gold and tortoise shell. These frames could be wire-rimmed, but were mostly made of celluloid. The growth in popularity for these round specs came from the emerging feminist movement, as these glasses were the same for both men and women.

And it’s the fact that this classic style can still conjure up an image of refined, studious authority that’s meant round framed specs have never strayed too far from the frame style peripheral. It’s why they’ve been the choice of thinkers and visionaries alike. Think Churchill, Gandhi, Lennon, Jobs. Most importantly, though, it’s why the frame style is coming back in a big way almost a century after its first foray onto the frontlines of fashion.

Rounded lenses are one of the few true timeless classics; A piece of fashion history that can still pull weight today. As frames, they’re an all rounder. They look top-notch small and wirey, or massive and chunky. They can finish off a look with a stamp of intellectualism, or they can invoke a sense of care-free psychedelia. And whilst they're not always perfect for rounder faces, they do a good job of suiting most face shapes.

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